[SAC] Trac logs me out when at NCSU


Thanks for reporting, we'll open a ticket since you obviously can't.


On 09/04/2018 07:44 AM, Vaclav Petras wrote:


I'm getting back to issue which I originally mentioned in "It seems that
NCSU IP is blocked in Trac". Trac (/grass, /osgeo, ...) logs me out few
moments after logging in. I can log in but when I reload the page (or click
a link), I'm logged out again. This happens to me at North Carolina State
University network. There were problems with submitting to Trac from NCSU
in the past because of the spam filter settings, so I would assume now that
the problem is again in Trac. Probably irrelevant, but I can use Internet
website with login in general, e.g. Gmail for sending this email.

When I go to various "get my IP" pages, I get these:

Please, let me know what else to provide.