[SAC] trac.osgeo.org, svn.osgeo.org, git.osgeo.org DNS moved to pointed to OSGeo7

I have moved the DNS for trac.osgeo.org, svn.osgeo.org, git.osgeo.org to OSGeo7.

Note that this just means the sites will be proxied thru NGINX but is still pointing at tracsvn.osgeo.osuosl.org.

This first step is to make sure no unforeseen issues with proxying the traffick and to have 0 DNS transition downtime when I do the final server move next week.

I don’t expect there to be any issues, but if you run into any – please reply back to this email or report on our ticket tracker.


Of course if you are having issues, you might not be able to get to our ticket tracker.

Next weekend when I do the official server move, I expect there to be 1-2 hr downtime as I need to shut off the services and transfer the VM.

I’ll send a note when I start that and put a note on all the sites that they are under maintenance.