[SAC] Trouble logging into Drupal osgeo.org

Hello SAC,

I am in a weird loop, logging into www.osgeo.org:

- I try my username (jmckenna) with password
- message "Sorry. Unrecognized username or password. Have you forgotten your password?"
- so, ok, I click on "Request a new password"
- email notification is sent to me containing a one-time login
- I login and change my password (and click Submit)
- message displayed is "The changes have been saved"
- now if I try logging in with that new password I am unable to, I get the "Sorry, Unrecognized username or password)"

Anyone see where I am doing something wrong?

In the short short term, each new login I receive is good for 24 hours...so I'll just keep doing this for now.