[SAC] User info self-update


I have written another simple python form for users to update their name,
email address and password for their OSGeo userid. It is available at:


I have also updated the http://www.osgeo.org/osgeo_userid page accordingly.

Note that we still have no mechanism for someone who has forgotten their
password to get a reminder or to reset their password. I realized that
the reminder isn't really possible since we only store the md5 checksum
for the password. We could do a reset, but it isn't obvious how we would
avoid abuse. Imagine everyone's account having the password reset by a
prankster - it could cause quite a bit of disruption!

The user creation form is also still prone to abuse.

At this point I feel we have at least a bare minimum set of services in
place for managing LDAP userids and groups with the caveat about forgotten

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