[SAC] [Webcom] Information required to point 2013.foss4g.org somewhere else


I imagine the WebExtra VM would be the most appropriate place for the conference web site. Some details at:


Are there services you need other than normal HTML serving?

I have added you to the “SAC” LDAP group which is what has
access to this VM so you should now be able to login. I have
also created a directory /var/www/foss4g/2013 that you should
have write permissions on if you want to start putting stuff there.

I’m happy to work with you to modify the Apache configuration.

Best regards,

On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 9:24 AM, Jo Cook <jocook@astuntechnology.com> wrote:

Hi WebCom,

We’ve been having some issues with the reliability of the hosting that
we’re currently using for 2013.foss4g.org and I’d like to move it somewhere
more reliable. To be fair, I used an amazon micro-instance as a stop-gap
measure and it doesn’t really have the resources for what we need.

So… can you remind me what information you need from me in order to point
the domain name at a new site?

Thanks ever so,


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