[SAC] WIKI migrating to LDAP upcoming Friday

After 13 years of planning we are finally upgrading wiki.osgeo.org to
authenticate with LDAP and ONLY use LDAP thenceforward for authentication as
detailed in below ticket.


The move will happen this coming Friday, at which point, when you log in:

1) You will be informed your wiki account will be migrated, and led thru the
steps of migrating your wiki account to LDAP.

2) After the migration, you will then only use your LDAP account for your
wiki editing and all your previous history will be moved to your LDAP
3) Future Wiki login will require the user to have an LDAP account, so no
wiki approval of accounts will happen thenceforward. The Request Account
link at the top sends the user to our LDAP create account page.

I have done a trial run of the migration at the below:


Please try the above and let me know if you run into any issues. You can
report said issues on the trac ticket:


If no issues reported before the final planned migration this Friday, we
will proceed as planned.

If you have questions -- feel free to reply to this email.

Regina and SAC Admin Team