[SAC] xblade 14 Restart


This morning xblade14 (.219 / upload.osgeo.org, qgis.org, gdal.org,
mapserver.org, grass.org, etc) was largely unresponsive. I was able to
login and the load average was 250+. It took some time but I was
eventually able to shutdown apache, things settled and I did an orderly

It was not obvious why things went haywire, but by the time I was looking
some of everything was running including various periodic scripts
for web site rebuilding, etc.

I have reduced the mapserver (sphinx) and gdal (doxygen) rebuilds to every
four hours from every hour in an effort to limit load.

On reboot I observe that buildbot does not seem to be operating. Mateusz,
do you know how to get it to start automatically on reboot?

I think our primary step to lighten load on this blade would be to migrate
heavy buildbot slaves off it which Mateusz is planning to do in the coming
weeks. But in general I'd ask folks running stuff on this blade to be
cautious about heavy io and cpu load jobs. It is a fairly modest system.

I'd also encourage folks to keep an eye on it. I *think* this load includes
stuff that accumulates over weeks and a therapeutic apache restart every now
and then might help.

Best regards,
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