[SAC] xblade compromise emergency


In response to the recent compromise of most of the xblades, I have taken
the following steps:

  * I have pointed download.osgeo.org at the backup.osgeo.org VM.
  * I have confirmed the system is setup to serve download.osgeo.org.
  * I have deleted a few recent rsync updates to download.osgeo.org in
    case they might be compromised.
  * Note that currently only sac ldap group members can put new releases on
    the download site. I'm not sure what the longer term plan will be but
    I'd like to return to using the xblade if possible.

  * I re-setup this up on the projects VM (projects.osgeo.osuosl.org) under
  * I have pointed the DNS entries for www.gdal.org and gdal.org at the projects

  * Chris and I pulled the static content from SVN and put it under
    /osgeo/foss4g/2010 on the Projects VM.
  * I pointed the 2010.foss4g.org DNS entry at the projects VM.

I have not been able to test the migrated sites properly while I want for
DNS propogation. I have not attempted to setup any automated jobs related to
them. It is not clear if they will be permanent homes or not.

I also consider ftp.remotesensing.org and www.remotesensing.org to be my
area of responsibility off the xblades, but they are lightly used and I'll
wait to see if we can move back onto the blades.

I am not in a big rush to address buildbot which we can live without for
a few days.

We won't be able to add OSGeo4W packages for the time being.

Best regards,
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