System Administration Committee Setup


The domain is created, and I have taken the liberty of
doing a bit of initial stuff.

  o Deleted all the bogus mailing lists associated with the domain.
  o Created this mailing list ( and subscribed the initial
    four members.
  o Created a stub web page at with a pointer to
    a SAC wiki page where I presume we will do most of our documents
    until we have something more authoritative.
  o Added the SAC committee to the master list of committees on the
    wiki main page.

I don't anticipate we will need to modify the web page
any further nor that we will be using any of the other collabnet services
(excepting the mailing list). But it is desirable to have the stub in

I would like to suggest that you do a post to the OSGeo discuss list
introducing the committee and it's purpose to the broader community.
You might also take that opportunity to solicit:
  o input on services people think SAC ought to provide.
  o input on policies people think SAC ought to follow/consider.
  o new members (perhaps you could emphasize the sorts of skills you are
    looking for).

At some point I think we should have an "official" formative meeting in
IRC, but in the meantime I hope the committee can discuss things on this
email list, and in #telascience on irc.

I hope you don't mind my meddling to get things bootstrapped (organizationally
speaking). I'm very excited about the services we can setup on the
telascience servers, and I'm eager to support the effort as I can. One of
our mandates as a foundation is to provide infrastructural services to
the foundation projects and I think we have the potential to help the projects
do some things better than they have in the past, and in a fairly efficient
shared fashion.

Best regards,
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