Use of Opt-In List to Message Where 2.0 Attendees

Details on use of the opt-in attendee list:

A week before the conference, O'Reilly will send out the list of all who
chose to "Opt in" and the people chose how they want to be contacted
(email, mail, etc). O'Reilly will send an excel document 7-10 days
before the show for us to use.
If it's an email communication, we use once before the event and once
after for post show follow up. The people are not to be added to
existing lists without expressed permission.

Next steps:

- Chris Holmes to draft message(s), get input from VisCom if needed
- June 3 or so - Autodesk receives the opt-in list from conference
organizers and forward to Chris
- Chris sends message(s) before and/or after conference


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Peter Moran wrote:

Great. I'm trying to find out:

1) if we can get an electronic copy
2) if O'Reilly sends message or if we do.

Also, the menu of items included a mention of "opt-in attendee list",


if that is flagged, then we can follow e-marketing protocol.

I think Chris signed up to write some promotional text. We have the
opportunity to send message(s) before and/or after the conference.


send details when I get them.

Yup, just let me know when you need it by. I imagine it'd be better
closer to the conference, when registration is more full.



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FYI - I have in front of me Where 2.0 (2005) "Who's Who" document. It
simply a list of attendees, address and email... printed.

This was one thing we discuss in the call yesterday.


On Thursday 11 May 2006 12:42, Michael P. Gerlek wrote:

Minutes from this morning's meeting are posted at:


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