[Valencia] How many reasons you need to attend FOSS4G-Europe 2018?

Dear list members,

#1 FOSS4G-Europe is a community event, gathering the OSGeo members, leading developers, community managers, users and companies – all of which sharing the same open source principles. To make it as accessible and inclusive to all, we did our best to welcome newcomers, to make it affordable for the majority, to make it friendly for families and for people traveling with their companions.

#2 FOSS4G-Europe welcomes new comers. “Remembering how we started” is our tagline. When we started, a few years ago, we didn’t knew much about open source and none of the jargon we use these days. FOSS4G-Europe welcomes newbies, with entry level workshops, low prices for students and opportunities to be with and talk directly with more experienced OSGeo members.

#3 FOSS4G-Europe is not expensive. We did our best to keep the registration prices as lower as possible. The main conference is 100,00 € for professionals. We include coffee breaks and provide finger food during the event, to minimize attendee expenses. We also rent an entire hotel to offer low accommodation prices. Do you know you can stay four days for just 56,00 € at our FOSS4G Hostel? With breakfast included? And some free beers on the evening?

#4 FOSS4G-Europe is family friendly. We provide facilities (spaces and staff) for babysitting, we have a small apartment at the hostel for a family with kids (with kitchen facilities and a living room) and we provide a near by location for motorhomes with discharges, garbage containers and water supply. How about driving to FOSS4G-Europe?

#5 FOSS4G-Europe has a very special program for accompanying persons: Douro River Cruise Tour, Braga and Viana do Castelo Tour and Douro Gastronomic Tour. This last tour includes a Michelin-starred lunch, by the Douro river. (But this is not for you, right? It is for your partner :wink:

#6 FOSS4G-Europe Venue. The historical centre of Guimarães is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, as an “exceptionally well-preserved and authentic example of the evolution of a medieval settlement into a modern town” in Europe. Guimarães is served by Oporto airport, with several low cost companies flying to Oporto.

#7 FOSS4G-Europe Program. Didn’t we mentioned the Conference Program yet? We have the very first draft of the program online, with so many topics covered, ranging for introductory topics down to very up to date developments. You can reach it here: https://foss4g-europe.osgeopt.pt/conference-program/

#8 FOSS4G-Europe Keynote speakers. Do you already know Maria Arias de Reyna, Steven Feldman, Victor Olaya and Malcolm Bain? Traditionally, OSGeo FOSS4G keynotes are awesome! To make sure that the tradition keeps going strong, we were able to get four great keynote speakers. Each of them is unique and will talk about four completely different topics, all related to FOSS4G. Do not miss these keynotes!

#9 FOSS4G-Europe Workshops. We have lots of workshops! We make it very hard for you to choose from so many different options. Hurry, because some of them and nearly full.

#10 FOSS4G-Europe needs you! We are shaping the OSGeo Europe chapter to address Europe own regulations, the specific business ecosystem, among other issues. Come and join the OSGeo European local chpater and discuss these specific needs.

Best regards,

FOSS4G-Europe 2018 LOC Team