[Valencia] oferta de feina a Ginebra per expert en GIS

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  1. Background and Justification
  • Purpose of the Position

The purpose of this position is to play a key role in supporting our stakeholders and deliver products based on polio information. Along with this support the release of the geodatabase and the upgrade of the basemap.

  1. Job Description
  • Objectives of the Programme and of the immediate Strategic Objective

Polio program objectives

The GIS specialist will closely work with the technical officer to provide GIS expertise to our stakeholders and deliver products based on their requirements. The analyst will work directly with stakeholders assisting them in authoring maps, publishing map services, feature classes, etc. The GIS specialist will also be familiar with administration of the ArcGIS server and online providing access to new members of the organization and managing permissions for existing users.

  • Summary of Assigned Duties
    · Support the release of the geodatabase to the POLIS system.
    · Support Adhoc map requests.
    · Support spatial analysis of the polio information data for polio surveillance in priority countries.
    · Supporting outbreaks with mapping needs.
    · Support the validation of the environmental sites global database.
    · Explore the closer integration of the arcgis online platform with other existing platforms.
    · Support the upgrade of the Base map of the WHO supporting various applications for polio including POLIS.
    · Support the management and the update of the ArcGIS server on premise and cloud server.
  1. Recruitment Profile
    Competencies: Generic
  2. Producing results.
  3. Moving forward in a changing environment.
  4. Communicating in a credible and effective way.
  5. Knowing and managing yourself.
  6. Fostering integration and teamwork.

Functional Knowledge and Skills

Education Qualifications

  • Essential
    Bachelor’s or master’s degree in geography, computer science or certificate course from an reputed institute in a GIS-related field, with a strong emphasis in arcgis technology is highly desirable.

Experience in configuring and administering Portal for ArcGIS and ArcGIS Online. Knowledge of ArcGIS for Server software including installation, configuration, optimization and creation of all currently available service types.