[Viscom-dev] Branding and stuff


We fell behind schedule quite a bit (holidays, weather, etc, etc), but
PushDesign is back on the case and finishing up their deliverables. I
don't have a date, but no more than a couple more weeks should have
everything done.

Jason(?) put a logo page together
(http://www.osgeo.org/content/logo/logos.html), which is great. When we
get the other branding materials together, I'd like to have a Drupal
section that has everything all in it -- logos, presentation template,
etc. Tyler, any suggestions on how to do that?

We really have never got any orders from our CafePress site, beyond a
few initial ones. I'd like to promote this further, so that people can
have give-aways and low-end shirts and stuff for shows and events. Can
we get a link to the site (www.cafepress.com/osgeo) from our new
homepage? (Tyler?)