[Viscom-dev] Call for leadership!

As announced today, I'd like to step down as VP/Chair of VisCom... which
means we need to find someone else to take on the role(s) I've been

Some of the responsibilities I think I have had are:

  - CafePress (and now, perhaps, LandsEnd)
  - shirts shirts shirts
  - chairing meetings
  - handling random emails about getting support for various events
  - handling random emails about getting schwag
  - handling random emails from press
  - watching for "opportunities" for PR that show up on various lists
  - thinking about the budget
  - strategically, thinking about How Much Money To Spend And On What
  - working with PushDesign ( although that is done now )
  - thinking about long-term plan for Booth Design
  - thinking about a generic way to handle events, fleshing out the
    scheme, such that It All Makes Sense

(Note I am still full-steam ahead on the new GeoConnexions column, and I
would like to continue to own / revive the OSGeo Library we had on the
old website. I'm not *leaving*, just changing titles...)

Now, let me stress that those were things *I* chose to do (or at least
tried to do...) A different VisCom chair might very well see a
different set of priorities, delegate certain topics in different ways,


Anyone intrigued by the possibilities?