[Viscom-dev] Drupal settings for www.osgeo.org

currently all images that are uploaded to the http://www.osgeo.org
"instance" of Drupal end up in the authenticated user's directory. Due to
the focus of this site being general and not individual this should be
changed to a common shared folder.

Somebody with the required power please create or identify that folder and
change the corresponding configuration here:

We are - no, wait - I am still missing a place to upload and manage
documents, especially all that was produced by VisCom (several dozen
documents). This section should also be accessible to broader membership
than just WebCom, at least VisCom must be able to create pages, add files,
remove files and change names at its own discretion.

I am trying to not mess up things (not trying to mess up, messing up not
trying to) and I am not trying to sneak broader access to common folks
through the back door but specify a specific need by VisCom that should be
addressed soon. At the same time VisCom needs to come up with a manageable
way to handle multiple documents.

Additionally I suggest to modify the list of allowed file types to inlcude
odt, odp and zip extension.

Best regards,

Arnulf Christl