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Subject: Logo for FOSS4G 2008
From: "Arnulf Christl" <arnulf.christl@wheregroup.com>
Date: Wed, October 3, 2007 20:57
To: GavinF@mintek.co.za
Cc: conference_dev@lists.osgeo.org

Hi Gavin,
it would be really really cool, if you could make up a Logo for FOSS4G 08
real quick and maybe even provide a link to a site.

There are quite a few pages out there pointing to FOSS4G 07 and people
will start to take them down soon. If they get something nice to replace
it with they might just keep it where it is and exchange the logo. This
would save us a lot of work contacting people etc. I am pretty sure that
Paul or someone from the conference committee can give you a list of
people who have been contacted (it migfht even be in the Wiki but even I
sometimes lose track nowadays... :slight_smile:

There are several possible addresses for FOSS4G that I think have already
been registered. My favorite would be
and we can get it to make something like
http://www.foss4g.org/2008 or
http://2008.foss4g.org or whatever you think.

BUT. Yes, it needs to be discussed (o man, how I sometimes hate to start
things like these... :slight_smile: because there is a well reasoned argument for
changing the whole name of the conference to the "OSGeo Conference" or
something like that. We had voted on this some time back and came up with
several arguments to keep it FOSS4G, therefore "yours" will be "FOSS4G
2008" but nobody knows what to do with the next yet (might also be that I
am nobody in this case, you never know). But we should discuss this
somewhere and time else (anybody feel like taking this to Discuss, I
rather wont).

If anybody remembers who registered http://www.foss4g2008.org/ please
speak up, I think that would be a good placeholder that could just point
to whatever it becomes in the end.

Best regards, Arnulf

Arnulf Christl

Just read up on what has already been discussed on conf. Good. Venka, you
sound like you want to do '09... :slight_smile:

I am very sure that I would like the mailing list to rather stay under the
hood of OSGeo instead of at Google. Do you think there might still be a
chance to change that, will anybody be offended or will it disrupt
communication? Its just that I am the unofficial corporate paranoid of
OSGeo and try to keep a brand. One of our (OSGeo's) assets is that we can
offer all kinds of FOSS GIS stuff under one roof (building a brand and so

Arnulf Christl