[Viscom-dev] [Preparing for SSC2007, Australia May 14-18]

Seems I sent this to the wrong email list.

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Cameron Shorter wrote:

Seems I sent this to the wrong email list.

Hi Cameron,
maybe you are right. But WebCom is not operative with VisCom issues yet and VisCom is - well - maybe not operative anymore. There have been ideas about merging VisCom and WebCom into ComCom and hoping that dropping "Web" and "Vis" for an additional Com helps keeping all active members and getting new to actively contribute.

The migration from CN did more harm to the VisCom library than I had hoped. Tyler is on this list too and he should have the masters of all 12 OSGeo Software projects and the Geodata and Education Comittees. Maybe we can use the momentum of this request to finally put them on the portal somewhere in a findable and optimally editable way.

I just received an extended GRASS presentation in OSGeo design from Scott Mitchell and am still looking for the right place to upload it. This presentation could be presented or run in an animated loop in the background while people are chatting. There are more like this but as I said - I am not happy with the way we currently do not manage them.

Ideally you could print out a stack of a few thousand of the project info sheets and distribute them at the desk. Autodesk was very helpful in getting them printed and delivered in time for us in Germany. I do not know how deeply involved Autodesk Australia is, if they have questions I am sure that Gary Lang will be happy to answer them.

Please bug us on this list for any other issues you have. Until further notice it is the right place to look.

Regards, Arnulf.

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