[Viscom-dev] RE: [Webcom] logos were not available

We should get that logo page linked up.


If it hasn't been published yet, we can change the URL right?

http://www.osgeo.org/content/logo/ would be good...

VisCom, are you happy with the content here? Do we know when the next
version of the usage guidelines will be available?

I need to remove some of the JPEGs with white backgrounds.


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A couple things going on.. There was never any link to the logo page,
unless it is on the wiki or unless someone else linked to it. So it
probably never popped up with linkchecker. Also due to the mystical
nature of how files were 'imported' - it could be that the files were
buried somewhere. I was hoping Kanhaiya could give us a tutorial on how
to manage our files like this or others that were imported as drupal
objects and not just thrown into the .../html/files/.. folder.
There was likely some reltive url issue. I remember putting a zip
version up somewhere for someone., but I'm at a loss at the moment.
Glad you took care of it though!


On 1/17/07, Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam@pobox.com> wrote:


It turns out that eps, psd and tiff logos were not properly uploaded
during the transition so many links on logos page were not working:


This appears to be due to some sort of content restriction of Drupal
to only .jpg, .png and .gif files or something like that.

I have uploaded all the logos, and the aggregate zip file to:


and corrected the web page to reference those where necessary.

I am left wondering if there are many other situations like this, and
why our link check of the site didn't highlight this. Any ideas?
Anyone feel like doing a manual site-check-crawl over the site to
identify any remaining problems like this?

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