[Viscom-dev] Time for a change...

Dear Board and VisCom:

I announced at this morning's VisCom meeting that, after a year or so as
VP of VisCom, I'd like to step down in favor of someone else.

I'm doing this for a few reasons... After one year, I'm not as effective
at this as I originally was. I'm personally interested in pursuing
other OSGeo work now -- specifically, I'd like to do some more writing
and presentations on OSGeo related topics. I also would like to have a
chance to run for Board again, should I be so nominated.

Just as importantly, though, it seems like some VisCom interest has
started to pick up in the last couple months, and so as I believe as the
nature of VisCom is evolving somewhat this is a good time for some new
blood to be infused.

I will certainly stay on until a new person is found (although I hope
that doesn't take too long)... and in any case I'm not going anywhere!
I'll still be very much an OSGeo partisan, just not as the lead Vis
person anymore.

Thanks to all who have, since last Februrary in Chicago, helped me out
in this role and kept this all going strong while still having fun. I
look forward to the next 12 months!