[Web Comm] Web Committee Chair

Jason Birch wrote:


  - joining VisCom (want a slightly used Web Coordinator?)

Hi Jason,
I like this one best! But Frank is correct in saying that VisCom is overstuffed with work already (at least they will now get a chair that deserves this name).
So as an alternative - if you are prepared to chair WebCom - I would very much like to be part of your team and help doing some of the boring stuff. It does not matter to me at all whether we revive WebCom or create a task force within VisCom as long as we get the work done and organize the web site so that people not living in it as we do can also find what they need. I still have in mind that addressing what has been collected here would be the first thing to do:

Lets see what the board works out this afternoon. Any way I am prepared to support you.

  - limping along with the current infrastructure until something else
is put in place.

I liked this one too, it fits in nicely with the slightly used Web Coordinator. :slight_smile:


In support of this, I would also suggest:
  - Placing a section in the VisCom todo for webcom tasks (and
abandoning PT)

Fine by me, seems like I am too deranged to use PT and the Wiki is more flexible for what we need to do now.

  - Removing the WebCom project from osgeo.org

If you do not need the relative freedom to decide things within your own committee we might want to remove it completely. But as already said, it seems like Frank has some good reasons to keep WebCom in place.

SAC seems to be doing more lower level stuff so that merging WebCom with SAC probably does not make as much sense as I had hoped.

Best regards,