Where 2.0 promotional opportunities

Fellow VisCom members,

Autodesk's sponsorship at Where 2.0 entitles us to a dozen different
promotional opportunities, listed below. Autodesk has already committed
to donating the booth space (4. below). We'd also like to make these
other opportunities available for use by the foundation.

I'd like to get your input on the items you feel are most appropriate
for use by OSGeo. Depending on degree of difficulty, Autodesk resources
will be used to execute on most of the selected items. Committee members
or foundation members who are attending will also be expected to pitch
in. So don't just say "let's do all" ; ), but think about what makes
most sense for the organization.

The resulting deliverables (banners, web banners, etc.) will be made
available on osgeo.org site for subsequent use at other events.

Items that the committee is not interested in will be used to promote
MapGuide or go unused.

After we get some consensus on items the foundation is interested in,
we'll start execution phase asap - there's only 25 working days until
the conference.





1. Plenary speaking opp. 15 minute plenary

  a. Opp to hang banner in ballroom during plenary
  b. Opp to distribute materials in ballroom during plenary
  c. Listing and logo placement in conference program as
plenary sponsor

2. Sponsor of Exhibit Hall Reception 6:00-7:30

  a. Listing and logo placement in conference program,
website, email announcements, onsite signage

3. 2 page ad in conference program

4. Two 6' tabletop displays (pop-up booths allowed) in premium
location in Exhibit Hall - DONATED TO OSGEO

  a. Includes 2, 6' draped counters (20 linear feet)
  b. 2 counter height stools
  c. 8' high draped backwall to hang banner
  d. Carpeted room (no need to rent carpet)
  e. High speed Ethernet Internet connection
  f. Electrical Connection for two computers

5. User of press conference for one private press event

6. Web/Print ads

  a. Company logo and 100 word description prominently
displayed on conference marketing materials and web site
  b. Top logo placement and link on Conference home page

7. 20,000 online baler impressions on oreillynet.com

8. Conference passes

9. 6 full conference passes (excluding tutorials), conference
materials included

10. 2-time use of Who's Who, opt in attendee list (pre and post con)

11. Attendee bag insert

12. Opportunity to host reception at Fairmont Hotel