Your Project at Where 2.0

FYI VisCom... below is an example of the emails I sent to all the OSGeo
projects to request information for developing brochures/pamphlets/slides,
etc. Here is the list of recipients I sent to:

GeoTools -
Mapbender -
MapBuilder -
MapGuide Open Source -,
MapServer -

Edu -
GeoData -
Incubator -,

Did I miss anybody? I figured that it wouldn't make sense for infrastructure
committees like WebCom and VisCom to be represented. Make sense?


---------- Forwarded Message ----------

Subject: MapBender at Where 2.0
Date: Monday 15 May 2006 22:19
From: Tyler Mitchell <>

Greetings, sorry for the bulk email...

The OSGeo Promotion and Visibility Committee has several great opportunities
to promote OSGeo projects at the Where 2.0 conference
( It's coming fast and furious and we
need your help.

We want to put together a set of documents that describe your project
(MapBender), that we can distribute as pamphlets at the conference. These
will be good to have on file for other events too.

Arnulf and his gang (guess that'd be you :slight_smile: did something like this for
posters at Linuxtag (but all in German :). We want to take a similar approach
by using a common layout and style.

What we need:
-2 or 3 graphics, screenshots or images that represent your project
-100-150 words describing the project
-5-10 bullets listing the 'core features' of your project
-the main URL your project uses ( one preferred)

We will put your info into our template and then let you review it to make
sure it is something you can be proud of.

If you already have documents or brochures showing similar information,
please direct me to it.

Thank you,

p.s. GeoData, Education and Incubator committees should also contribute
something to help lay out the great work we're doing (are planning to do) in
those committees.

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