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On Wednesday 17 May 2006 08:49, Steve Lime wrote:

Tyler: What will be the opportunities for using the materials for other
events? For instance we have one comming up on June 1st here in MN. Will
brochures be downloadable? Will they even be ready by the 1st? If one
needed 100 copies is that something OSGeo would foot the bill for?

Hi Steve,
We haven't gotten that far yet in our planning specifically around the
brochures, but I would fully expect to have downloadable versions that you
could print yourself. I'm picturing a single-sided letter sized page that
can be easily reproduced. Perhaps with enough notice we can do something
fancier, but having something basic isn't out of the question.

We are still working on a template for the brochures. Depending on how
quickly that is wrapped up and how soon I get everyone's information, June
1st might be possible. It's something we might be able to aim for. I'll
talk about it with VisCom and see what we can commit to.

Were you thinking about just MapServer, or all the other projects as well?


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