ActivityPub integration

I’ve tried mentioning hoping it would create a new topic but it did not happen, now trying to see if this message will be received by followers of that ActivityPub actor

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Did you associate your activity pub account with your account?
Under the ActivityPub tab of your preferences

You should see a section to map your activitypub identity with this one.

I just tried, I’m getting internal server error

Are you getting an error when you try to map your account to your activitypub one? or when trying to post from an activitypub account?

Okay I think I answered my question, just tried putting in my account and got an internal error. I’ll check the logs after my meetings today.

Okay the error is:

URI::InvalidURIError (bad URI(is not URI?): “ /api/v1/apps”) app/controllers/application_controller.rb:422:in `block in with_resolved_locale’ app/controllers/application_controller

I’ll ask to find out the proper way of saying.

Try putting in just for the domain instead of including your username. Unfortunately I don’t have a mastodon account so can’t test.

@strk can you do the same too. I tried with, but I think I just have that configured wrong. When I typed in, I at least got a button that has Authorize.

@strk Okay I signed up for a account, just waiting for my account to be approved before I can test the activitypub stuff myself. @rnanclares let me know if just specifying the domain works for you.

It is a two step process:

  1. You specify the domain
  2. It checks I guess to make sure it exists, and then you click the Authorize button

Once you click the Authorize, you are redirected to that domain to log in. But I couldn’t test that last part, cause I don’t have a mastodon account.

I’ve associated my account, what should happen next ?

We have known issues with - see Custom Query – OSGeo

I have no idea, I was thinking maybe if you tried talking to that topic again, your message on mapstodon would get associated with that topic.

I’ve just tried it: Sandro Santilli: "is able to receive p…" -

I’m thinking ActivityPub could be a category on itself as there’s a lot to discuss about it :slight_smile:

Have you noticed there are no known followers here ?
But I’m pretty sure I’m following the general category from at least 2 accounts

Yah I was noticing that. Probably have something misconfigured ont he ActivyPub or a not implemented feature in the plugin.

Testing after changing some settings on activitypub config to post all.

I’m getting this error
Client authentication failed due to unknown client, no client authentication included, or unsupported authentication method. when trying to authorize my fosstodon account.

What client or mastodon web browser are you using?

I was able to authorize mine, but I’m on mapstodon now. I am seeing errors in the logs about mastodon clients trying to subscribe and not able to, but that’s a separate issue. So I still think there are some things we need to configure here to get it all working, but authorizing should be working. I think @strk was able to authorize his mastodon account too.

I’m on Firefox, the official web client.

Maybe Fosstodon is blocking this feature?

Could be I guess. I’m using firefox and didn’t have an issue. I’m on mapstodon. @strk is on mapstodon too. @strk I recall you have another one, did you test that one too.

I was able to add my account just fine with Vivaldi (chromium-based).

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