Campaign period for OSGeo board elections

Hi all,

The 2023 elections for new board members are finally coming soon. All nominees at Board Member Nominations 2023 - OSGeo have confirmed that they are up for election.

There will be a (very) short campaigning period, where nominees are invited to write a manifesto at Election 2023 Candidate Manifestos - OSGeo and engage with other OSGeo charter members. This period will end on January 2nd.

The actual elections will start on January 3rd, via limesurvey (the same platform used for charter member elections).

Iván Sánchez Ortega (2023 CRO)

3 Likes @general really nice to see this ActivityPub integration for the new @osgeo community forum @strk

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@jorgesanz @general @osgeo @strk

Aaaaaagh but the mastodon web client doesn't show a link to my stuff in discourse 😕

Yah we still haven’t figured out what’s wrong with the activity pub setup. Do you have your mastodon account tied to your discourse account here?

I get Internal server error, same as ActivityPub integration

I have shared via:

I do not personally have access to OSGeo ( - Fosstodon

1 Like @jorgesanz @general @osgeo I see a "discuss this on our forum" link in Mastodon that points back to the thread. But I don't see my Mastodon replies on Discourse (while I see @jorgesanz one)

I’m trying to figure out how @ivansanchez ended up with two accounts. One of them doesn’t have an email address associated with it. The one with the 1 at the end, says its a staged account, which usually means it got generated from a mail list mirror.

Which account were you trying to hook up? You have to fill in the domain first, and then click the Authorize button.

@robe trying again today I found I was marked as having sent a "follow request" to @general - tapping the button twice first revoked the request and then started following the account. It's not the first time I see similar glitches in the social web, but chances are I will now receive activities from the forum.

Whether the forum will receive this post of mine as a new thread or as a reply to Regina's post I don't know at the time of writing it.

I see this one here but not in mapstodon. It might have to do with how we have activitypub configured for this category.

@strk That blows that theory. I see my reply to the one I didn't see of yours here.

@ivansanchez I suspect that other account I was seeing of yours with no associated email was your mastodon account. I just merged that with this one so we’ll see what happens. I also noticed my reply to @strk email from

Appeared in this thread. So I guess it is a two way with mastodon