Re: [Marketing] Marketing email list migrated to discourse

Thanks Jody and Vicky for moving this forward.

As a committee and mailing list member I took the following two actions
to “migrate myself” to the new discussion forum:

This should set up the same “experience” as I had before with the
mailing list. Others may decide differently as Discourse offers
different levels of watching a forum: only when mentioned, only first
post per topic, etc.

If anyone is hitting any wall just ping us and surely we can give a hand.


On 2024-05-07 23:37, Jody Garnett via Marketing wrote:

Good afternoon folks,

The marketing email list has been successfully migrated to OSGeo
Discourse: Marketing

The full email list archives have been transferred, and email list is no longer actively used.

Jody Garnett

This mailing list is been moved.
Please follow this instructions:
Marketing Committee - OSGeo

Marketing mailing list
Marketing Info Page

Jorge Sanz |Jorge Sanz, auteur op OSGeo

Very helpful! Thanks, @jsanz!

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