Welcome to OSGeo Marketing

Welcome to OSGeo Marketing!

This is the home of the marketing committee communication, now provided as a discourse category.

For more information on our group see OSGeo website and wiki.

Topic Gudelines

  • This forum is open to the public, we are pleased to meet you!
  • OSGeo is an outreach organization with a vision to: empower everyone with free and open-source geospatial software!
  • We ask you to respect the OSGeo code of conduct in communications on this forum.
  • Service Providers are encouraged to contact marketing when adding a service provider page, and to have the page reviewed and listed on our website when ready.

Use as a mailing list

If you would like to be updated via email:

  1. Log to discourse.osgeo.org using:

    • Login “with LDAP” with OSGeo UserID credentials (used for website and other services)
    • “Log in with a Github” to use GitHub credentials

    Or use Use Create your account to register a new account


  2. Navigate to Committees / Marketing

  3. Click on the bell and change notifications to Watching.

  4. You will now receive notifications from marketing@osgeo.org and can reply to these topics.

    You may also email marketing@osgeo.org to start a new topic.

  5. For more information see welcome to osgeo.

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